X Scribbly WIP
Work in Progress Vampire Hunter D from last year
What better way to practice than with fan arts?

Sexified Mike’s morning after a New Year’s Party. (I dunno I did something)
Happy New Years
If you have questions about reference or anything feel free to ask or message me~
So This is why Mike was equal in Height to Erwin in the last one.
Merry Holidays (Thanks for all the Notes and Reblogs guys! It makes me want to draw more for you all)
This is part of this http://skywardazureart.tumblr.com/post/71145060693/http-skywardazure-deviantart-com-art-erwin-and-mike-chri
So I drew this for Christmas… 
My OTP needs to smile.

(Mike was slouching) lol
PuppyCat Plush by SkywardAzure
I had made this for my friend. I just thought I should put this in the art blog ^_^
Making plushies is an art too. 
So this is the bathroom design I made for my Class
I hope you enjoy
I’ll edit this later prolly. 
I don’t have much to say about this. It’s a black and white sketch I made of a character of mine. It was more a learning exercise with photoshop… I hope you enjoy. Lol

I know I’ve uploaded this before. But I feel like this is a better picture and the watermark isn’t imposing on the image as much. Sorry guys. I hope this is a better version.

So I know I just uploaded this but I’m re-uploading because I’ve fixed the watermark. I think this is better. So this is Kuja. :D